Meeting Information

10/23/19 8:30am

At the MUR

Agenda for meeting on Wednesday, 10/23/2019

Konstella: How to remove yourself from your old school:

For children changing schools who have not been removed directly by the former school's Konstella administrators, here is how you can remove yourself.

Sign in to the webpage using a desktop/laptop.

1) Click your name on the upper left-hand menu, revealing a sub-menu.

2) Select "Your Roles" page. This will open the page to Your School & Classroom Roles. You will see a list of your schools and classrooms here.

3) Remove yourself from your old school (click Remove).

How to make the most of Back to School Night:

During Back to School Night, teachers will present a lot of information regarding the class like weekly routines, policies, curriculum, and contact information. It’s a time for all the parents to get to know what the class experience will be like for the year. Therefore, please use the question-and-answer period on questions that benefit all the parents and schedule a meeting with the teacher if you wish to speak about topics that are specific to your child.

Some sample questions to ask:

  • What are alternative ways you present curriculum?
  • When is PE day, and what are appropriate clothes for that day?
  • What is your measurement of a student’s success?
  • How can parents help when their child is struggling with school?
  • What is your policy for birthdays, holidays, and celebrations?
  • How much time should students be spending on homework each night?
  • How long should students be reading each night?
  • What resources are available to students who are not meeting standards?

Benefits of attending Back to School Night:

  • Meet your child’s teacher in person. This goes a long way to forming a parent-school relationship that benefits your child.
  • See the classroom. Get a feel for your child’s educational environment. Get a glimpse of past and future projects.
  • See the campus. You’ll know what your child is talking about when they mention the MUR. You’ll feel more comfortable going into the office.
  • Meet other parents. Plug into the network humming with the inside scoop on free family events and deals around town.