Make donations and pledges at 99Pledges:

First, activate your student’s fundraising page:

To customize your student’s page, include your e-mail address for additional access (this is optional). Students will receive a Scrabble tile keychain for activating their pages.

Then spread the word! Share your student’s page with your family and friends! Supporters can make a one-time donation, or pledge per minute read.

Here’s the impact of pledges: If one student reads 30 minutes per day with pledges totaling just $0.20/minute, they will raise $84. If every student raises this amount, we can fully fund our PTA student enrichment and community engagement budget! This includes classroom enrichment, student assemblies, after school activities, and community events like ice cream socials and movie nights!

Note: Jose Antonio Vargas PTA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Federal Tax ID # 90-1257353. Your donation is tax-deductible and may be eligible for corporate matching.


FAQ: Can I donate directly to the PTA for the Read-A-Thon?

Yes, you can send Read-A-Thon pledges or donations via check/cash, and it will count towards your student's total. Specifically, we will use 99Pledge's admin option for "Add Cash/Check Donation" and enter it as a fixed donation for the given student.

To do so:

  • Ensure the student is registered on the 99Pledges site, so we can add the donation to their existing entry; e-mail address is optional. (Also they get a keychain just for registering.)

  • Make the check payable to "Jose Antonio Vargas PTA", and write "Read-A-Thon" and the student's name/room number on the check.

  • Place the check in a clearly-labeled envelope ("Read-A-Thon Donation, for Student XXX" etc.) and turn it in at the school office. The school staff will put it in their safe until PTA pick-up, after which we will send you a donor receipt.

  • Turn in checks by Tuesday 4/5, to give us time to receive the check and ensure it is added to calculations. If possible, please e-mail us when you drop off the check.