The Board

We are currently seeking to fill several positions for the 2022-2023 PTA Executive Board.

Descriptions of the PTA Executive Board positions are detailed below. Please email Shannon at for more information on any position!


Job Description:

  • Attend PTA Executive Board meetings (monthly) & general meetings (five times a year)

  • Takes minutes at board and association meetings

  • Prepares minutes for review for next meeting

  • Time commitment: 2-4 hours per month


Job Description:

  • Attend PTA Executive Board meetings (monthly) & general meetings (five times a year)

  • Keep financial records using PTA EZ

  • Reconcile monthly bank statements, pay PTA bills, write checks

  • Prepare treasurer reports for PTA meetings

  • Prepare annual report and taxes

  • Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month

PARLIAMENTARIAN - Role is open for 22/23

Job Description:

  • Part of the executive board, should attend PTA meetings

  • Assists managing meetings, advises on parliamentary procedure and bylaws (Experience with PTA or other boards would be useful but not necessary. Being familiar with the bylaws is sufficient)

  • Chairs bylaws committee if updating bylaws

  • Help select and advise nominating committee

  • Time commitment: about 2-4 hours/ month

Historian - Role is open for 22/23

Job Description:

  • Keep track of volunteer hours

  • Submit historian report for volunteer hours

  • Optional: keep track of and present PTA activities/ accomplishments for the year

  • Time committment: 1 hour per month

Chair Positions and Other Volunteer Positions

Membership - Role is open for 22/23

  • Membership committee plans membership campaign

  • Collecting dues

  • Managing membership in Totem

  • Membership reports to board

  • Time commitment: most active beginning of the year, preparing any materials/ packets/ forms, attending beginning of school events like back to school night to sign up members

Communications - Role is open for 22/23

  • Manage communication tools like Konstella and Facebook

  • Promote communication tools to PTA members

  • Work with board and Spanish translators to prepare communication

  • Possibly design/ order posters, banners for communication/ promotion

  • Some web design, graphic design, marketing skills helpful but not necessary

  • Time commitment: presence at meetings helpful but not necessary, work can be done anytime

Community Engagement (events)

  • Plan community engagement events

    • 1-3 events: welcome event/ family night event/ end of year event

  • Report to board on planning and budget

  • Recruit volunteers

  • Be present to supervise event

  • Time commitment: dependent on event number and size

Student Engagement (assemblies, kits…)

  • Work with PTA and school administrators to bring in assemblies/ author visits

  • Develop student engagement programs or events (i.e. STEAM night, talent show, science fair…)

PROJECT CORNERSTONE LEAD - Role is open for 22/23

Job Description:

  • Manage and support the Project Cornerstone Readers and volunteers

  • Attend monthly Lead training with YMCA

  • Host monthly training for our Vargas readers in school

  • Manage our Project Cornerstone books

  • Report readings to YMCA every 6 months

  • Time commitment: 5 - 6 hours / month

PROJECT CORNERSTONE READERS - Role is open for 22/23

  • Must have interest to be a caring adult to support the students, so they grow up to be healthy and caring, in a supportive environment.

  • Monthly reading to a class, lead discussion and or classroom activities on the pre-selected books by YMCA of Silicon Valley

  • Attend monthly training, communicate with the class teacher, prepare the reading and classroom discussions. Materials and support are provided.

  • Time commitment: 3 - 4 hours / month

Gear/ Spirit Wear Chair

  • Manage gear inventory

  • Order new gear

  • Manage online orders if applicable

  • Work with treasurer to get cash box or square if will be selling gear in person

  • Time commitment: most active early in year, attend school events such as back to school night to sell gear, gear is in MUR so access to gear is usually during school hours

Readathon Committee

  • Work with PTA and administrators for schedule, budget, communication

  • Set up donation page

  • Develop goals and prizes

  • Develop communication/ promotion materials and messaging

  • Seek out guest readers

  • Distribute prizes

Bookfair Committee

  • Work with Scholastic to arrange dates, delivery, payment etc..

  • Work with the principal and staff to coordinate dates, times, set-up etc…

  • Set up a volunteer schedule and work with board or volunteer coordinator to find volunteers


  • Set up and manage web accounts, emails etc…

  • Time commitment: most work when transitioning new board at end of year, work can be done anytime

Teacher appreciation Chair

  • Arrange teacher appreciation meals or events

  • Time commitment: 2-3 times a year, typically a welcome back meal and teacher appreciation week in spring

Dine Out Coordinator

  • Seek out local businesses to have events

  • Work with board and communication chair, if applicable, to promote event

  • Sending reminders to business of upcoming events, possibly visiting business day of to check in with staff

  • Follow up with business for payment

  • Time commitment: depends on number of events (2-4?)

Room Parent Coordinator

  • Collaborates with PTA board, teachers and administrators

  • Recruitment and training for parent volunteers as room representatives for classroom or grade level

  • Room parents role is working with teacher and parents and may include seeking out donations for teacher appreciation gifts, seeking volunteers for school or PTA events (5th grade and kinder promotions, grade level events like gold rush days, class level volunteers for class activities, Living Classroom etc...

  • Time commitment: most active at beginning of school year to recruit/ coordinate room parents and for teacher appreciation week

Room Parent

  • Works with teacher(s) and parents/guardians, as a parent contact and liaison, to build stronger family-school partnerships for a classroom or grade level

  • Encourages easy, two-way communication between teacher(s) and parents on what’s happening in the classroom to support student success

  • Collaborates with the teacher(s) to identify how parents can assist with classroom activities

  • Recruits parent volunteers and delegates volunteer assignments for a classroom or grade level

  • Helps to promote PTA goals, membership and activities on campus


  • Works with committee and other chairman to organize and set up refreshments, food, decorations, registration, greeters and baby-sitting for PTA meetings and events

  • Maintains hospitality supplies and equipment and an updated inventory for them

  • Presents hospitality budget for approval at executive board meeting at start of the PTA year and monitor authorized budget

  • Reports on hospitality plans at board meetings for forthcoming PTA events

General Volunteer

  • Throughout the year we will have a need for volunteers to help with various things like helping out at school or PTA events, putting together reading/ learning kits, selling gear etc...some things that are done on campus and others that can be done at home.