Open Positions

We are currently seeking to fill several positions for the 2022-2023 PTA Executive Board.

Descriptions of the PTA Executive Board positions are detailed below. Please email Shannon at for more information on any position!

Board Positions

PARLIAMENTARIAN - Role is open for 22/23

Job Description:

  • Part of the executive board, should attend PTA meetings

  • Assists managing meetings, advises on parliamentary procedure and bylaws. (Experience with PTA or other boards would be useful but not necessary. Being familiar with the bylaws is sufficient)

  • Chairs bylaws committee if updating bylaws

  • Help select and advise nominating committee

  • Time commitment: 2-4 hours/ month

Chair and Other Volunteer Positions

Communications - Role is open for 22/23

  • Manage communication tools like Konstella and Facebook

  • Promote communication tools to PTA members

  • Work with board and Spanish translators to prepare communication

  • Design/ order posters, banners for communication/ promotion

  • Some web design, graphic design, marketing skills helpful but not necessary

  • Time commitment: presence at meetings helpful but not necessary, work can be done anytime

Walkathon Committee - Role is open for 22/23

  • Plan and run walkathon event as spring fundraiser

  • Work with PTA and administrators for schedule, budget, communication

  • Develop communication/ promotion materials and messaging

  • Set up donation page

  • Manage and distribute prizes

Community Engagement Committee (events)

  • Plan community engagement events, such as Movie Night, Fall Carnival, school potluck, etc.

  • Recruit and manage volunteers for day-of-event

  • Report to board on planning and budget

  • Time commitment: dependent on event number and size

Room Parents

  • Work with teacher(s) and parents/guardians, as a parent contact and liaison, to build stronger family-school partnerships for a classroom or grade level

  • Encourage easy, two-way communication between teacher(s) and parents on what’s happening in the classroom to support student success

  • Collaborate with the teacher(s) to identify how parents can assist with classroom activities

  • Recruit parent volunteers and delegates volunteer assignments for a classroom or grade level

  • Help promote PTA goals, membership and activities on campus

Bookfair Committee

  • Seek bookfair vendors and arrange fair dates, delivery, payment etc.

  • Coordinate dates, times, set-up etc. with school staff

  • Set up a volunteer schedule and work with board or volunteer coordinator to find volunteers

Hospitality Committee

  • Organize and set up refreshments, food, decorations, registration, greeters and baby-sitting for PTA meetings and events

  • Maintain hospitality supplies and equipment and an updated inventory for them

  • Present hospitality budget for approval at executive board meeting at start of the PTA year and monitor authorized budget

  • Report on hospitality plans at board meetings for forthcoming PTA events


  • Set up and manage web accounts, emails etc…

  • Time commitment: most work when transitioning new board at end of year, work can be done anytime

General Volunteer

  • Provide assistance at school or PTA events such as Movie Night, Fall Festival, Walkathon - see requests in Konstella

  • Provide teacher or in-class assistance such as photocopying, packet assembly; depends on individual classroom needs